As a fully accredited Chartered Counselling Psychologist I offer a variety of high quality psychological therapies to help people toward overcoming many issues and experience renewed energy, direction and purpose in life.

Just the fast pace of life can be enough sometimes to cause even the most competent person to struggle or feel like they are unable to cope.

I offer a safe space to explore and work through problems towards a resolution. Teaching additional coping strategies, new perspective, and self-awareness. All to enable you to work towards reaching your full potential.

I work with low mood, depression, anxiety, traumas and trauma related problems (including PTSD and phobias), OCD, addictions, work stress, relationship difficulties and many mental health issues.

My expertise includes CBT, psychodynamic, Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing (EMDR), person centred and integrated therapies.

I offer appointments in Copthorne. I work with adults, and teenagers.

Fully accredited and with years of experience.

Helping you to get well, experience renewed energy, direction and purpose in life.

Convenient times to suit you. All in a safe environment.

The Old Stables, Unit 16, Borers Yard, Borers Arms Road, Copthorne, West Sussex, RH10 3LH
Call 07808 946491